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Wedding Video






Pre-Ceremony Montage:
Wedding videographer will start more than an hour prior to the ceremony and the footage will be elegantly blended together to music of your choice.   


Ceremony Coverage:
Uses true broadcast quality Panasonic cameras and wireless mics. The wedding ceremony will be edited together using multiple camera angles and sound from numerous sound sources to make the video flow beautifully from one scene to the next. If the length of your video is thirty minutes, the edited version will be thirty minutes.


Post-Ceremony Montage:
Some very memorable moments happen between the ceremony and reception and we will be there to give you the coverage. We will even follow you to a park or other location, and we don't charge extra for it.


Reception Coverage:
Superior quality video coverage includes toasts, cake cutting, dancing, and other reception activities. Our cameras can produce extremely sharp, bright images with very little light.


Highlight Montage:
The most memorable video segments of the wedding day will be elegantly edited together to music selected by the wedding couple


Our DVDs include menus, scene selection and custom printing.


Red Carpet Entry:
Want the "red carpet treatment" at your wedding? We roll it out at the reception and capture some great video of people arriving and offering words of advice, congratulations, or funny comments for you
to treasure forever.


Guest Bridal Party Interviews:
During the reception we set up a camera and microphone to allow your guests to leave you a special message. Our 2nd videographer will continue to capture other reception video.


How We Met Video:
We film the bride and groom a few months before the wedding and get the REAL story on how you met, where you met, and why she settled for you!! These videos make great dinner/cocktail videos along with your slide show video.


Photo Montage:
Follow your journey from childhood to marriage with an amazing photo montage. We use up to 75 photos on your wedding DVD We will use subtle transitions from photo to photo to create that one of a kind filmic experiance.


We can customize ANY package to fit your time needs. Contact us for further details.


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